Welcome to Kimonote!

Write notes and tag them — or let the computer do it for you

Kimonote is a fancy plain text organizer, a macroblogging platform and an antisocial network. It supports Markdown, which allows for a consistent look-and-feel no matter whether you're looking at your own private notes or someone else's public posts. Additional niceties are available, such as a table of contents.

Too lazy to tag your notes yourself? Kimonote can suggest tags based on words that appear in a note and tags in similar notes.

Seamlessly navigate between notes

Having your notes tagged allows for easy navigation, both for you and for people who read your blog. Ever wasted time setting up links between blog posts from the same series? Now you don't have to — Kimonote will suggest a few next and previous posts to read based on their tags.

Organize notes into streams to control what you read

Streams are collections of notes from specific users with specific tags. They can be used for many purposes — from categorizing posts on your blog to following only specific content from other users.

Create custom e-mail newsletters from RSS feeds and Kimonote notes

You can set up Kimonote to poll your favourite RSS feeds and import their contents into your private notes with given tags. In addition, instead of checking a stream for updates yourself, you can configure Kimonote to send you weekly or daily e-mails with a digest.

Together, this lets you create automated newsletters that deliver news to your inbox instead of constantly checking multiple websites for updates.

Fast and simple

Kimonote is ad-free and uses almost no images or Javascript. This means that pages load fast and sharing a stream with someone else is as easy as copy-pasting the URL.


We offer a quick demo that doesn't require registration.

Still interested? Sign up for a free public beta here!

For a slightly more real-world use case, I'm now using it to host my own blog at kimonote.com/@mildbyte. Feel free to play around with it! Also try out the tag-based navigation or stream editing.

Alternatively, follow Kimonote on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed!

Wait, who are you?

I usually live at mildbyte.xyz.

In my spare time, I get frustrated that websites with tagging support aren't as powerful as they could be, that exploring content on a new blog is a pain and that you can never follow just some types of posts from someone: it's all-or-nothing.