News from Paddington, 2015-10-23

According to various sources, including and limited to the number of files on News from Paddington's computer, today is the 10th anniv... weekiversary of News from Paddington! This edition of News from Paddington is hence a special edition by means of being really short.

  • It seems like it's possible to walk from Westfield London to Edgware Road. You just have to be able to walk.
  • Boundary Road marks the boundary between the boroughs of Westminster and Camden. Camden is a borough in London whereas Macden is an Ethiopian town.
  • The scaffolding next to News from Paddington's headquarters has been removed and so News from Paddington can't find its way home reliably now as it's been using that as a landmark.
  • One more grocery store in West London News from Paddington can't go to anymore is Tesco on Praed Street after News from Paddington replied to some random girls' "let's get pink lemonade! I love pink lemonade!" with its own "Yeah, all other lemonade is shit! Let's get pink lemonade!" It's apparently a stroke of luck that News from Paddington wasn't beaten by anyone.

Thank you for reading this short edition of News from Paddington. Now it's time for food!

  • Tequila Tex-Mex near Notting Hill. Tequila Tex-Mex serves all sorts of Mexican food, including liquid food. The usual margarita is made out of some tequila, triple sec and lime juice. A Tex-Mex margarita seems to be made just of tequila, which is never a bad thing. A Tex-Mex burrito, however, looks slightly sad and would lose to a Chilango on King William Street burrito in a fistfight if it could fistfight. Three Paddington points out of five.
  • Wagamama in the O2 centre near Finchley Road Tube Station. It is blasphemy to go to Swiss Cottage and not have any Chicken Cottage, but the Wagamama wasn't really bad. It wasn't really good either though. Three Paddington points out of five.
  • Italian Pizza Connection in Bayswater. From now on, the history will be split into two periods: before Italian Pizza Connection opened in Bayswater and after. This is the pinnacle of the evolution of the art of cooking food. According to a legend, this is the restaurant where Beethoven wrote his Ninth symphony in between his shifts as a cashier in Chicken Cottage on Praed Street. This is the restaurant where the Maastricht treaty was prepared and then, covered in greasy stains, brought to Netherlands to be signed, marking the founding of the European Union. In this place, Kevin Bacon invented bacon, Francis Bacon invented France and Morgan Freeman founded Morgan Stanley. Seven Paddington points out of five.
  • Bleecker St in Spitalfields Market. Founded by a New York lawyer who decided to stop being a New York Lawyer and found Bleecker St, it serves burgers! With actual beef! And black pudding! And chips! And charges for them through the roof because drunk hipsters will pay for anything! But it's okay when your coworker pays for it. Five Paddington points out of five.

News from Paddington's song of the week is a short informative public service announcement about the anatomy of reptiles.